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Silicone Bottle into the 4G Era

2017/8/21      view:
           Bottles from the launch has been more than 200 years, has gone from first generation to second-generation glass bottle plastic bottle, a third-generation silicone bottle until now evolved into the 4G era of history, silicone bottle as a national "material Twelfth Five Year Plan" focus on the development of new materials, and has broad market prospects.
          Silicone bottle into the 3G/4G era
  Bottle into the 3G era, the big security upgrade. The third-generation (3G) (The 3rd-generation) silicone bottle is the most secure bottle, soft unbreakable, special high temperature, can be repeatedly sterilized, long-term use. The fourth generation of the bottle into the development of the 4G era bottle, the bottle has moved on from the safety of materials used to the convenience, security, reasonable, intelligent, comfort. Human nature design use.
  Bottle features 3G era
  Silicone bottle glass bottle compared to the 3G era of bulky, fragile, plastic bottle temperature difference, aging, including plasticizing agents shortcomings, 3G silicone bottle has many incomparable advantages:
  1, does not contain plasticizers, bisphenol A and other toxic substances, health and safety;
  2, special high temperature resistance (-50-310 ℃) sterilization without deformation;
  3, unbreakable, wrestling is not bad, economic and durable;
  4, breast-like soft, lightweight and comfortable, conducive to appease the baby emotions;
  5, anti-aging, non-yellowing, hard contamination; easy to clean, suitable for a variety of disinfection methods, easy to carry.
  4g era bottle features
  On the basis of the third generation of the bottle, the fourth generation of liquid silicone bottle biggest feature is the head of the bottle has a curved arc, from three aspects reflect the characteristics of the bottle:
  1, by optimizing the bottle, changing the flow of the emulsion, the emulsion into the ear canal to prevent to prevent causing otitis media, as well as accidental swallowing, choking occurred;
  2, pacifiers by optimizing the shape and material, so that when the milk is closer to breast milk.
  3, the bottle itself may measure the temperature of the milk, and display protective cover, can play the role of the temperature of the milk look.
  Silicone bottle parts
  Silicone bottle generally consists of the following components:
  Dust Cover: Dust preservation of function;
  Silicone pacifier: There are different features anti-choking, leak-proof, anti-belch, clean tongue, etc., generally have a standard interface and wide mouth of the points, pacifier aperture has S, M, L, V points;
  Screw cap: screw cap can be firmly fixed on the bottle nipple;
  Screw (stalk, do not stalk): meet the baby grasping habit, effectively preventing the bottle fall;
  Cover Leaves: Multi-orifice design, conducive to the intake, the top and bottom of the nipple perfectly closed, sucking smooth, round bottom groove combined with the bottle, preventing pinch your fingers when the bottle is squeezed, attentive care of baby safety;
  Straw: silicone made imported food, free bending, resistance to pull not broken;
  Beads: Beads Beads bottom bump design can prevent adsorption of the hole and the bottom is closed and not suck milk; beads gravity can protect its always stay in milk inside, easy baby sucked milk;
  Bottle body: Silicone food imports refined, integrated molding, no printing pollution;
  Through-hole pin: through nipple holes intakes purposes.