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   Pad of Silica Gel Trademark Production


         Silicone can be derived into different products including mold, silica gel pad, palm silicone rubber, injection molding silica gel rubber, silicone pad where it is on behalf of a trademark corporate brand image, apparently in a rapidly changing modern business, the traditional trademark process has been unable to meet the high demands of modern trademarks. In particular trademark printing is more important to reflect the impact on the quality of products from the new trademark printing style. The following are trademarks of printing process technology to how to solve the generalization.

  When the logo appears when the deformation!

  First, the knob to adjust the height of the sensor pad under the right side of the trademark plastic rubber head, raised attention to trademark printing plastic head can be completely moistened ink and printed the complete pattern was ok. The second will arrive positioned just forward speed was adjusted to avoid too much pressure form the impact point, you want to pay attention to the progress of the air pressure adjusted to the left of not less than four nor more than between 5; ministries to check whether a third tighten the screws to avoid Block printing loose; fourth trademark printing to be between 12 degrees to 13 degrees; attention in order to avoid printing plastic head too hard during the printing process, damaged plastic head you want to use to wipe 2546. The last point has to be checked whether the double-sided adhesive sticky, put a new double-sided adhesive when not available.

  When printing the logo font is not clear edge when bubbles!

  First, the appropriate concentration was adjusted to the new ink will be added to maintain sufficient ink concentration; then compared the size of the first printing of plastic map of the area and trademarks to 3:1 to execute, avoid plastic head strong; Finally, note that distance, using the angle printing of plastic and trademarks map to accurately and timely updates plastic head, maintaining the quality of life and trademark plastic head.

  Other points to note!

  In the printing process, the scraper blade to clean, a good grasp of ink usage time before the ink is dry pattern to wipe the blade after the shutdown. Select the printing plates and multi-angle selection should grasp the right. To keep the picture is clear and so a lot of attention to detail.