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Addition Cure Liquid Silicone Rubber for Food Grade

2017/6/11      view:
       The food grade liquid silicone rubber is a two-component, translucent, addition cure liquid silicone rubber with superior mechanicalproperties, particularly for button production of silicone rubber in high hardness and high strength.


  1. Odorless;
  2. High tensile strength;
  3. Apply to injection molding progress;
  4. RoHS certificated, FDA, LFGB certificated.


  1. Fast curing;
  2. High transparency;
  3. Superior mechanicalproperties;
  4. No curing by-product;
  5. Easy color;
  6. Safe non-toxic;
  7. Good ventilation;
  8. Heat resistance;
  9. Good weather resistance.


  Electronic key products of mobile phone; mask material; baby product, baby nipple, baby pacifier or baby toothbrush

  Operation instructions

  1. Mixed A with B according to mixing ratio of 1:1 through the static mixer, then injectingthe mixed rubber into the mold through the injection machine, the rubber must be full filled (hand-mixing is feasible, poured into the mold for molding)
  2. Recommended molding conditions: 140°C/40-60s (thickness 2mm).
  3. Test and determine the specific conditions of molding according to the thickness or size of product
  4. If the bonding between the special material and silicone rubber is needed (e.g. PET, PC, iron and steel materials, etc. you can check the accessory products of the fold silicone adhesive about our company)


  1. Separate or wipe clean the tools of part A, B before use, or it may cause the product can’t working normally because of the A&B mixed and local agglomeration
  2. The effective operating time of the liquid silicone rubber is 4 hours after the uniform mix between part A&B
  3. During the rubber operation, avoid contact the compounds which contains the N, S, P, Sn, etc, or it will cause incomplete curing or not curing.
  4. The best mix ratio of the liquid silicone rubber is A/B=1:1, too large or too small will influence the final product performance
  5. Note the labor wearable during the application, avoid high-temperature burns during the construction process, and prohibit consumption.
  6. Use the liquid silicone rubber carefully, note the safety issues before and during use, moreover, follow the relevant provisions of national or local government safety regulations. (Refer to the appropriate safety guidelines for details in MSDS)