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Operation Instruction of Swan Silicone Mold by Brushing Way

2017/8/14      view:

1.prepare the necessary tools, rulers, knives, brushes, wood board, etc.Deal with the original mold, then fixed it on the wood



2.According to the size and shape of the mold, we divide it into two or multi-piece. It will be easy for demolding. The mold line

should be positioned on the highest point of the mold. Pile up the clay under the mold line.Make latches which can avoid the

dislocation between two pieces of silicone rubber mold. The latch should be about 1cm away from the mold.


3.Spray a layer release agent evenly(such as detergent, soapy water and Vaseline). Choose the type of silicone rubber

according to the product’s structure, pattern and application. Here we use HY-625 silicone rubber, adding 2%-5% curing

agent into the silicone rubber, after curing agent and silicone rubber stir evenly


4.Vacuum to -0.1MP, which presents the mold made out of bubbles and affect the quality of the mold. If no vacuumizer, you

can reduce the proportion of the curing agent which can extend the curing time and release the bubbles by itself.


5.After vacuum-pumping, brush the first layer of silicone rubber evenly on the mold. There is no need for the first layer to be

thick, it will be great when the original mold and clay are being totally covered.Brush the second layer of silicone rubber till the

first layer is cured. It should be thicker than the second layer. The proportion of curing agent in second layer can be higher

than the first layer.


6.When the silicone rubber stop flowing, cover the gauze to increase the tension of the silicone mold.When the silicone mold

is cured, then we can start to make the outer mold.


7.Fix the wood board and take enough gypsum and water(1:1) into the silicone mold, then stir it evenly.


8.Trim the edges of the outer mold when the gypsum is cured. Clean up the clay on the other side. Repeat the above steps

to make the other side of silicone mold and outer mold.Release the whole gypsum mold and silicone mold out when the

gypsum is cured. Then check and trim the silicone mold with scissors.


9.The silicone mold for swan is finished. We suggest to put the silicone mold into production after 24 hours.