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Liquid Manual Mold Silicone Rubber

2017/8/25      view:
       Manual mold silicone rubber is flowing liquid with consistant quality in whatever color. It consists of two components, component A is base silicone, and component B is curing agent or catalyst.It is mainly applicable to manual molds and small quantity of product duplication.

 Manual mold siliconerubber is mainly applicable to manual mold design, PVC plastic molds, model mold making, cement product molds, melting point alloy molds, alloy toy craftworks, plastic toy craftworks, gifts and stationery, large statues, duplication of cultural relics, shoe sole mold fabrication, pad printing positioning, shock resistance for electronic equipments, etc.

Profile of manual mold silicone:

HY-528 is applicable to make molds of smaller products and the production will be 2-3 pieces.

HY-540,compared to other types,for its moderate handness and better quality & performance,its production will be 20-30 pieces.

HY-570 is applicable to large size products duplications and Electronic equipment antivibration.


Features of manual mold silicone:

Manual mold silicone rubber has good elasticity,non-deformation,high temperature resistance,low shrinkage.And it is suitable for manual mold design and small duplication mold production.

Operation Instruction:

Firstly,prepare the master mold or the product to be duplicated, take certain amount of the silicone rubber, add 2-3% curing agent, and mix them evenly for use,a mold can be obtained in 2-3 hours. The silicone rubber mold with resistance to deformation and linear shrinkage and high temperature can be used repeatedly to provide fast duplication, and it is with low shrinkage to less than 2‰.