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PU Foam Resin Silicone Knowledge Lecture

2017/8/23      view:
                PU Foam Silicone Resin Composition is a liquid silicone rubber, foam while in catalytic dehydrogenation crosslinking curing line into a foam elastomer. It can be made of PU foam mold silicone resin crafts copy and PU foam resin ornaments and crafts silicone mold replication.
PU foam silicone resin composition and characteristics
  Goods dehydrogenation condensation RTV silicone rubber foam, usually two-component silicone rubber composition. After the two components are mixed in appropriate proportions, at room temperature to quickly form a foam-like cross-linked foam or sponge-like elastic body. Foam volume ratio of 2-4 times. High temperature resistance and electrical properties of PU foam resin, silicone rubber silicone should also have a general, as well as a small dielectric constant, thermal insulation, fire-retardant advantages; potting can be widely used in electrical and electronic components and mechanical components, from to moisture, shock, dust effects, can also be used in the construction of the pipe wall, filled with potting or wire through the hole.
Two PU foam silicone resin production methods
  A Reaction Inhibitor France
  Want to make a high expansion ratio, uniformly fine cell distribution, and flexibility are good foam foam, using a platinum catalyst can be made ??of PU foam dehydrogenation condensation silicone resin, a reaction inhibitor may be a method to control the operating time .
  Two Static Mixing Mode
  To improve the cross-linking reaction with the hydrogen in the reaction system during the condensation dehydrogenation synergistic, with vigorous stirring to avoid the influence of the bubble generation nucleus, made ??of foam obtained, can be taken with the gum base is heated to release a gas and two groups of microcapsules copies of static mixing mode.