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Phenmethyl Silicone Oil Introduction

2017/6/11      view:

 As we all know, silicone oil is tasteless, colorless, and non-toxic fluid. There are three kinds of silicone oil in our company, that are 201 methyl silicone oil, methyl hydrogen silicone oil and phenmethyl silicone oil. Here we will detail introduce the phenmethyl silicone oil.

     Phenmethyl silicone oil is fluid with the features of colorless, odorless,tasteless and non-toxic. Phenmethyl silicone oil is applicable for insulation, lubrication, damping, vibration resistance, damp proof, dust proof, high Temperature hydraulic oil, heat carrier and high temperature grease based oil, like solar heat transfer medium.
  This product is favorable with wide range operating temperature, security and reliability, gas analysis and non-toxic impregnate with excellent dielectric properties. Among them, viscosity with 250~300 cps is mainly used as power capacitors impregnated oil. Compared with same types of capacitors,power capacitors with impregnated oil can improve capacity up to 4~5 times per capacitor, highly improving its ratio characteristic. Phenmethyl silica gel or silicone oil can be used as transmission media for Oil filled transformers, Pressure Transmitter, and Pressure signal.