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Condensation - Type Silicone Rubber Electronic Biography

2017/10/23      view:

Condensation electronic low-viscosity silicone rubber two-component condensation type silicone rubber is a silicone electronics can be quickly cured at room temperature and deep. Epoxy encapsulants, potting silicone resin, polyurethane potting condensation is a common electronic potting classification.

Electronic condensation silicone rubber, silicone condensation electronic condensation electronic glue.


1. A low viscosity, easy to operate.

  2. Good waterproof effect.

  3. Excellent adhesion properties, fixity good.

  4. Excellent electrical insulation properties, anti-aging.

  5. UV-resistant, used a wide temperature range of its safety and environmental safety compliance with EU RoHS

  So the production process occurs condensation silicone gel different electronic problems any good approach?

1. The cured silicone rubber gel does not have any good treatment

 (A) Check: Are there any curing agent, curing agent needs to re-join after potting.

(B) The amount of a curing agent enough, let it take a long time to place or re-sizing of the correct ratio after curing.

(C) Due to improper storage and other causes of failure of the curing agent, re-equipped with a curing agent. Note: Due to the curing agent susceptible to hydrolysis, it should be noted sealed after use, store in a dry cool plac

2. The uneven surface of the cured gel, wrinkles and other phenomena

 (A) Fast curing silicone does not begin before potting operating time has been reached, then the silica gel flow variation, easy leveling after potting.

(B) Colloid surface pores, usually caused by the bubble is not drained, mixed rubber mixing, will be brought into the air when potting, potting possible recommendations vacuum degassing, without filling plastic vacuum equipment can be divided into two or selection of low viscosity, long dry time of potting.

(C) Has a wrinkled surface, when the shock had not fully cured silicone. When the rubber mixing period of time, colloids thickening silica has not at this time have a self-leveling vibration surface protrusions easily. Formation of wrinkles after curing. Curing should not move the device to minimize.

3. The silicone gel contraction phenomenon.

(A) A curing agent is too large. Condensation silicone crosslinking, the release of low molecular colloid some shrinkage, but the shrinkage ratio is small, normally less than 0.3%. If the curing agent is too large, the curing agent is not involved in the reaction in the latter will evaporate leaving the colloidal severe shrinkage.

(B) Colloidal gel contraction may cause shrinkage, colloids and poor adhesion to the wall, the majority of condensation silicone material has good adhesion, for some special materials such as PP, PE, etc., or paint adhesion poor, to use targeted primer or consult the supplier selection targeted potting.

 4. The silicone rubber surface sticky gel

 (A) The amount of the curing agent is not added, a small amount of paint evenly on the surface to improve the component.

 (B) The failure surface curing agent, typically high temperature baking, use a hair dryer, etc. caused by surface heating, high temperature curing agent, the active ingredient in volatile leaving the surface sticky, so I do not recommend heat curing, To accelerate the curing colloids can be cured after the initial heating.

 (C) Colloid is not completely cured, need 24 hours at room temperature under the AP-9210 curing type, climate and regions with different seasons and different curing speed, high temperature, moisture big fast curing, low temperatures, drying and curing slow, normal meet the basic performance.

  Note: If there are special circumstances is not recommended to change the ratio of free to contact suppliers or re-equipped with a curing agent.