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Silicone Rubber for Trademark Making

2017/9/27      view:

   Trademark silicone rubber is also called signs silicone, itself material belongs to organic silicon, is a organic synthetic rubber, belongs to double group copies registered forming silicone.It is suitable for stereo branded trademark, woven with, clothing printed word printing, and silk printed printed word of products; as metal, paper, plastic, and leather, trademark and anti-sliding with coating, it has high transparent and waterproof resistance aging, and not discoloration, so it is applicable to textiles: clothing signs, clothing pattern, and movement gloves, products of anti-sliding waterproof and handbags, bags accessories and lace adornment such as anti-skid socks slip; there is also widely used in leather and imitation leather surface coating treatment.

Original logo was done by hand, which requires of binder is not high, usually with natural rubber, varieties of animal glue and its modification, for example, starch glue, casein paste, natural gum, gelatin, bone glue, etc. Its drawbacks are slow drying, poor initial bonding strength, water resistance and low transport and storage labels easy to fall off. With the development of science, a lot of product packaging is done on line, label is part of the automation: thus the trademark rubber put forward higher requirements.

Trademark Rubber Features:

1. Good viscosity

2. Good ventilation

3. High transparency and no color

4. Waterproof non-slip

5. High temperature resistance, high temperature rapid curing

Trademark Rubber Property:

1. Good initial adhesion, moments after pressuring the label does not fall off, not slip without warping.

2. Fast drying. Suitable for high speed automatic labeling.

3. After curing fastness, good toughness, plastic layer not crisp and not fall off.

4. Non-toxic and pollution-free.

5. In favor of packaging recycling.