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Teeth Filling Silicone, Teeth Filling Silica Gel

2017/8/12      view:

Teeth Filling silicone is addition cure type RTV-2 silicone rubber(1:1 mixing ratio) with the characteristics of non toxic, odorless

and enviromental, reaches the standard of FDA certified, skin safe and so on.

 It’s not only used for food molding such as teeth filling, chocolate, sugar, cakecup, also suitable for molding building decorations,

arts and crafts, sculptures, furniture, manual mold design, shoe molding, tire molding, rapid prototype molding, foundry casting, lost

wax casting, artificial jewelries molding, etc.  


1.Odorless and nontoxic
2.Long Shelf Life
3.Medical grade
5.Low shrinkage
6.Excellent aging resistance