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Silicone Watch Through Global

2013/6/11      view:
Silicone Industry Prospects
  Dow Corning  silicone materials with the company for the first time since industrialization, has experienced half a century of development, the future of organic silicon industry will continue to maintain high-speed development. Means that global silicones market demand is very strong. Therefore, the long-term development depends on silicone grasp develop new products on the basis of customer needs on.
       Silicone mold also belongs to a class of two-component RTV silicone, silicone. Condensation can be divided into two kinds of plastic molding and processing. Has excellent chemical resistance, high temperature resistance, high temperature, acid and aging characteristics. Commonly used in gypsum, GPC, cement, resins and other products mold making. Like sculpture, figure, simulation, special mold making.
  Food silicone mold
  Plus silicone mold generally fall into food-grade silicone. Non-toxic, tasteless, good high tensile and tear strength, turning mode more often. Easy deformation characteristics. Commonly used in the simulation of food, imitation food mold alloy precision mold production. Production process based on customer needs to pay attention to the modulation component silicone material preparation.